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Interior Painting Services Madison

Boomerang Badger Painting specializes in painting the various rooms inside your home, as well as small to medium sized businesses and office complexes. Finely detailed interior painting is primarily what we do, and we can also handle exterior surfaces and power washing if necessary.

What can you expect from Boomerang Badger Painting:

Prepared work area:

Flooring will be fully covered with drop cloths and protected with painters tape as needed, and furniture covered with plastic as necessary.

Outlet and switch plate covers will be handled.

Surfaces will be wiped/cleaned where necessary.

Nail holes will be filled, gaps and cracks will be sealed up wherever necessary.

With various paint buckets and supplies, we will try to keep the workplace organized during your project and we will thoroughly clean up when done.

Two finish coats will be applied, unless otherwise noted and requested.

Left over paint cans will be labeled for your future reference.

Before Madison Painting Services Wisconsin

After Madison Painting Services Wisconsin

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