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Interior Painting Services

Boomerang Badger Painting specializes in painting the various rooms inside your home, as well as small to medium sized businesses and office complexes. Finely detailed interior painting is primarily what we do, and we can also handle exterior surfaces and power washing if necessary.

What can you expect from Boomerang Badger Painting:

Project setup, surface preparation, paint application, and cleanup afterward is thoroughly handled to make sure the project is as clean and tidy as possible.

Painting projects are contained by completely covering the floors and grounds that are underneath and nearby the project areas. Hallways and walkways are typically covered so that paint drips cannot be tracked from the project through your home and property.

Need help selecting paint colors? Boomerang Badger Painting works with local paint color consultants when you want the confidence and peace of mind that you’re making great color selections for your project.

Most questions you have about hiring a professional painting company are in the Boomerang Badger Painting job folder you receive with your painting estimate. Details about business insurance, project setup, and even a paint color consultant bio are all provided.

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